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Through Core Energetics I hold space for you to come to yourself. Space where you can open, where you can express yourself and where you can explore who you really are. I support people in their process to discover their unique potential and to find their truth.

Anxiety, anger and other feelings can sometimes withhold us to follow our heart. In my work, I use my distinctive empathy and my clear intuition to help people on their way to their inner truth. Core Energetics is the path of aliveness, inner strength, creativity, deep connection with yourself and others and the union of love and sexuality.

The source of my work as therapist and healer is the healthy, creative and spiritual core of every human being. I have a holistic approach and use my inner guidance and my spiritual connection to work in my sessions with the body, feelings and energy. Healing takes place when people learn to give space to their feelings as anger, fear and pain. Through this process, consciousness is rising and there is place for inner growth.



I am happy to support you on your way to discover your truth!
You are welcome with every topic that moves you.

What can you expect?
Core energetics is a form of body (psycho-) therapy. It is evolutionary process and in which I make use of different techniques. This depends on your question, your needs and my own intuition. The purpose of this process is to get insights into your patterns, to take new steps and to come in touch with your true self.
Your body is the mirror of your soul. He remembers all experiences you had in your whole life. Through breathing techniques, touch and movement you come in deep contact with your feelings and work on your blockages and resistances. Your consciousness can grow and you will get new insights.

Terra CottaPractical information
Before every therapeutic process, an intake session takes place. The purpose of the intake is, to get your questions clear and to see if we feel we can work together. If we decide to work together we plan sessions so the core energetic process can start. A session takes 60 minutes.
You are welcome to come on a trial session or to come one-time only to explore a question you have. It is possible to come on regular basis and to start a longer process. Sessions can be held in Dutch, German or English.

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