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WelkomTitel - Lea Hütter-Quaas

My name is Lea Hütter-Quaas and I was born in Germany in 1989. I follow my passion in working as a Core Energetic practitioner/therapist, body psychotherapist. I followed the four-year training program at the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics (NICE) and graduated in 2019. Before I lived in Holland for 8 years and studied  Creative Therapy. Also, I did a further training as Reiki Master. Additionally, I completed advanced training in Relaxation massage, Bach flower therapy, High sensitive people (HSP) and Energetic work and Aura Charka healing.

Listening to my heart and on my way to my inner truth, I founded my practice, Terra Cotta, in 2014. The name Terra Cotta is inspired by the so-called colour, symbol of warmth and fertile soils. I want to offer a holistic healing approach connected to mother earth. With Cordium, centre for growth and development, I found the grounds to establish my practice. In this beautiful building, I feel home and right on my place to practice my work as a therapist and healer.

Healing through energetic work combined with body (psycho-) therapy is both discovering and following my purpose in life. With my work, I help people see their way and discover their own truth. My mission is to help you develop awareness, expand your creativity, experience freedom, allow (self-) love and feel a deep connection towards others and yourself.
I work with people who feel they could do more with their lives, who are in search of themselves, who wish more deepness/wholeness; simply with people who want to grow.

For my own growth and clarity personally and professionally, I do Core Energetic supervision and intervision.